Monday, December 22, 2014

On October 3rd, my family and I flew to Ufa . We have to 2 transits along the way.  The flight were so smooth. Everything was perfect just like how I imagined.
Plus the food were great!
The journey from Abu Dhabi to Moscow was great too!
The clouds looks like cotton-candy. 
8 hours later, we arrived in Moscow Airport. Everything looks weird and different.
We supposed to take our baggage in Moscow. So we went to the baggage claim area, but our bags weren't there!
 My mum and I started panicking. We went to the lost and found counter. They said our bags is in Abu Dhabi but in the flight ticket it says that we have to pick it up at Moscow. After we settled all of that, we tried to check in but they won't let us because we didn't have our bag. Not knowing the language make things even harder.We ran back and foward. I was literally praying to god because I didn't want to miss my flight. Luckily, we manage to board in the plane right on time with the help of a lady.
I slept the whole 2 hours journey from Moscow to Ufa. After  we arrived in Ufa airport, my brother went to the baggage claim area again in case our bags are there but unfortunately they weren't. 
I noticed a security guard was watching me from afar. I think he thought I was sad but actually I was sleepy. He's the one who helped us.
Our bags arrived 2 days later. It turns out, Moscow took our bags to check things that we brought in the baggage . They even broke the bag's zip. Luckily, nothing went missing. 
We wasted 2 days out of 7 days not going anywhere.
This experience was sure a weird one! 

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  1. Great post my dear!

  2. That really stinks about the money! Who would know they would be so picky? Glad you had fun though! <3



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