Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last July, my family and I flew to United Kingdom for my brother's graduation.We stayed there for 2 weeks. We've been to Liverpool,Manchester,Edinburgh,Windermere, London,Oxford and Birmingham.I love all the places that I've been to. The people are so kind and lovely. However, I must say, my most favourite place would be Edinburgh,Scotland.Since I rented an apartment in Liverpool, it took around 4 hours of train journey to reach Edinburgh. As soon as I stepped down on the platform in Edinburgh train station, i could hear the sound of bagpipes.

And then we hopped on the ' Hop on Hop off ' Bus to tour around Edinburgh. 

We stayed there for a night because we need to head off to Windermere the day after. Although it was short but i had a blast! I will for sure visit this place again. 

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