Saturday, December 17, 2016

The other day, myself and my family went for a little getaway to Penang Island. It's quite a long trip from where I lived but hey it's like a mini road trip. I spent my time singing loudly in the car and eat all the junk foods that I can possibly find from the petrol station. And I must say, it's  one of the best trip I've been on.

I never been to Penang Island but I heard good things about that place so I was so excited when my parents said that we were going there.

From the tall skyscrappers to the food, wah laa everything is so perfect.

 We went to Penang Hill and the view from the hill is so pretty. Also, I left Penang Hill feeling a little bit 'smart' because they will tell you about the past history especially during the British colonial period.

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